Volunteering For Orphanage In Thailand

Volunteers will work in a halfway house helping kids with different exercises including recreations, sports, instructing, cleanliness and training. You will likewise help the neighborhood staff with helping them in organization work wherever conceivable. The halfway house serves an aggregate of 70 kids and is situated in both Bangkok and Kanchanaburi. Our volunteers are in charge of sorting out and assembling new games (volleyball, soccer, kickball, and so forth.), recreations, music, PCs and so on.

Program Highlights

Volunteers don’t really require care giving knowledge. All we ask is that you accompanied vitality, energy, a receptive outlook and an open heart. With little staff to sort out recreational exercises for the kids, we request that the volunteers arrange exercises, for example, sports, instructive activities, or expressions and artworks. With little assets at the halfway houses, it helps if the volunteer can bring instructive assets, craftsmanship supplies, or tapes with youngsters’ melodies. This program is open as short as about fourteen days to a half year.

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